frequently asked questions

We have created this section to address some common questions. If this still does not provide the answers you're looking for, feel free to call or email us.

  1. 1. What about the legality of certain logos and trademarks?

    We have obtained craft licenses, and legally work around other issues.

  2. 2.What does it cost?

    We charge three flat fees for all of our work. All three choices include one (1) curb or two (2) sides of the driveway. We can do a basic two color design, without a logo for $24.95. Outside of flags, $32.95 will cover any design in which we can create a stencil for. All Texas flags, other flags and two different driveway designs, cost $38.95.

  3. 3.Can you do just my house?

    We try our best to setup multiple houses for efficiency and cost reasons. Once you place your order, we work to obtain more business in your neighborhood. There is usually a one week wait from the time your order is placed.

  4. 4.What areas do you cover?

    We cover around a 100 mile radius from Austin.

  5. 5.Do you do large projects like an HOA?

    Yes, we will take on large projects, and we will start on those instantly.  We will also provide orders in excess of 10+ with volume discounts and a custom community webpage.

  6. 6.What kinds of material do you use?

    We use environmental safe paints and reflective beads. We also take great care to protect other areas from any overspray. We do the highest quality work, and it's the reason we are so in demand.

  7. 7.Do I have to pay online?

    You can pay online, with cash, money order or a check, but all monies must be collected before any work is started. If we have a project in your area, payment must be received before the closing deadline.

  8. 8.Do you have a portfolio?

    You can view a small sample of our work by clickinghere andhere.

  9. 9.Do you offer commercial work?

    Yes, we do commercial striping, ADA compliance work, parking lot stenciling and more. For more information, pleaseclick here.